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Google Voice SMS to email,Email to Google Voice SMS gateway


  • is a free 2 way GoogleVoice SMS to email gateway.
  • Use cell phone data plan,you can send/receive SMS for free.
  • After you sign up an account,you can send an email to server, will use your Google Voice account to send SMS.
  • You can reply to the email that GmailSMS forwarded to you, will reply the SMS to the sender.

  • How to use

  • You need Google Voice account first.
  • Use your Google Voice account to Sign Up here
  • Log in your Google Voice account to send up SMS to email forward:
  • Log in your Gmail account to send up email filter, forward email from to

  • All set, you can start using GmailSMS now.
  • Send email to , subject is the cell phone number you want to send SMS, email content is the SMS content. Beware SMS only allow up to 160 characters.

    Google Voice SMS Web API

  • Use this link to send SMS directly


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